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Hey there, I’m Laila Mostic. I’m a motion designer working and living in Sydney.

Through my work I aim to share meaningful concepts and ideas through captivating visual languages and tight animation.

Constantly growing and learning, I am continuously striving to sharpen my skills and push my conceptual ideas and thought processes as far as I can.


Motion Design \ Title Design \ Digital Design \ 3D Design \ Film Directing

Video Editing \ Interactive Design \ User Experience \ Creative Direction


 P H I L O S O P H Y

It is my strong belief that design, even in its simplest form can evoke an emotional response and interact with the audience. 

The aim in my work is to use the chosen mediums to highlight the simplicity through sleek and geometric design and allow room for the essential, the fundamental and the necessary to tell the story, while stripping away the ornamental layers that may create distraction or confusion. 

Building on the history of visual arts, experimentation, development and innovation are the foundations of unique and effective design.


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